I have been blogging on and after, on several different social media platforms, for eight years. I have not been consistent with my blogging since 2008. Whenever the mood strikes me I will blog. My Rants-n-Raves have been my popular blogs across all the platforms I used. Since I have been in Graduate school, and media content and design are the entities for which I am learning, I have been contemplating being consistent with my blog and eventually venture into vlogging. Currently my YouTube page is dedicated to my Mastey Journal videos, check out them out at, and I must say those are not that interesting to anyone except my professors. But honestly, who knows? I have a number of plans on the drawing board that have been heavily vetted and flushed out to the realistic and possible ones that fit into my current life course. In this over sharing, instant gratification, social media world for which we live in, I can only hope that I can continue to share my most authentic self without being bogged down to certain demands and that people will follow/subscribe/repost/share my opinions and voice their own opinions (positively, hopefully) and discussions will start happening. I love to talk (lol, even in my sleep according to my family). Until next time… *besos* L.A.